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Lolita 52 Challenge - Week #11 to #13

WEEK #11- 3 trends I wish would come back

Hum... I am pretty happy with the prints trend, printed dresses, tights. I really like!

But trends that I wish could come back, maybe:

1) Forest animals: I liked the deer series and stuff. I wish IW could do a lotta release ;_;

2) Literature/books/Ballets/Opéras : More prints inspired on literature or theater pieces, like Masquerade Theater and Midnight summer dreams from AatP, Swan lake from Meta but in a more classic way.

3)  OTT syle: I like when people wear OTT. No matter if is sweet, classic or gothic! I think is beautiful. 
WEEK #12- Combining other fashions with lolita

I admire people who wear casual lolita or lolita with otome, or with other styles. I can't! I can't coordinate the pieces and feel  like I am wearing casual. I had never tried combining lolita with other styles. 

WEEK #13- Lolitas I have met in real life

I have met lolitas around the world since 2008. 

I think first time was in NY. The girls were lovely and organized a meeting. A huge meeting! For the first time I met Nancy, Bianca, Amber, Dalin and Angela. Since then, we keep in touch and everytime I go to this city I try to hang out with these lovely girls ^^

In Paris, at the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's tea party. There I met Gurololi/ Irene Orozco (Do you guys remember her? Seems she is in a pin-up/50's style fashion now), dismal_carnival/Julie, other lolitas from Europe and, of course, Misako Aoki and BTSSB/AatP designers

Also, met Lulu and Nella on this trip

Do you guys also remember osea_chelleo/Michelle? She came to Rio and I took her for a 2 days tour.
Now I don't have any news from her :/

On the same year (or was it before?) Misako came to Rio de Janeiro and we've met again.

I traveled to Paris and Lisbon. There I met my lovely friends:
In Paris, Lulu


And for the first time, the Lisbon lolis.

I want to go back and hang out with them again! Also meet other local lolis I talk too!

Back to Paris, I met Lulu again and Fancy Melody/ Sam, not in loli cause we went shopping! XD
Hope next time I'll be able to see them and meet Sam's friends <3

And in another Paris trip occasion, I met Nekocibye.

When I visited my aunt, she's living in the South, I also met the lovely Lully.
Must go back!!!!

And Kazi, Carol and Akemi

16 comentários:

  1. Deve ser maravilhoso viajar para outros países e encontrar pessoas que usam o mesmo estilo !

    1. isso é!!! E depois continuar mantendo contato e encontrar novamente <3

  2. Aww, you met so many lolitas around the world! Too bad we weren't wearing lolita butdo you imagine us trying clothes in EVERY store and having to put off and put on our frills all the time?! xD I wish you can come here soon <3

    1. Hahah too many layers and frills...not gonna work lol
      But next time we will hang out in super badass loli style!

  3. This post is so lovely, you met a lot of beautiful lolitas *___* I hope to have the chance asap to meet you dear <3!!

    1. I wanna meet you too!!! *-* You are on my lolitas I want to meet list! <3

  4. I loved watching all the pictures *o* Some seem really old, that's now surprising to see you wearing sweet (though I already watched your coordination back then, when I was entering in lolita).
    I wish we'll meet when you'll come to Paris <3

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  6. woww!! you really have met a lot of lolitas around the world! i would love to travel and meet more girls too. :DD and i wish so so so much that IW would rerelease lotta!! i would buy every colour XD

  7. I love lotta in blue and brown!

    I always try to meet the local lolis <3 is so cool to hang out and chat! Walk around the city :3

  8. You've met so many people! I think thats the greatest thing about the fashion: you meet so many people you probably wouldn't have otherwise! If you ever come to the UK I'd love to meet you!

    1. I want to go to UK again! And meet the girls next time cause we stayed for a short period (only 3 days). I would love to meet you too ^3^

  9. I love your photos, you all are so cute !

  10. Eu tb queria + estampas relacionadas a literatura, e na vdd, e de coisas nerds tb hehehe.

    Nossa, vc já viajou para tantos lugares @.@ Eu nunca fui num meeting fora de Floripa '-' ...

    Tenha uma boa semana ^^

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