domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Lolita Time Line + New Year's Resolution



New Year's ResolutionEverybody is writing about 2012 was and the 2013's expectations...Why not write one as well?

2012 was...

A nice year, in the beginning.
We went to NY on February, had fun enjoying few work to do and more free time.
Unfortunately the work wasn't going well, the crazy lady hadn't payed us TILL TODAY, my grandmother had a stroke (but is MUCH better now).
I worked a bit with Styling, what I like doing, but wasn't satisfied a 100% with it cause boss was crazy too. But portfolio is getting bigger and better, also my CV.
Second semester till now, the year wasn't very good. Lots of argues with family.
Found a christmas job, which I am liking and making contacts. Discovered that Boss and I have a lot in common and that I am the most civilized worker there...So we may keep in touch after job contract's ends. The better about this job is that I GOT IT BY MY OWN! With my own efforts and qualities! Which I am really proud of.
Was a nice year for Lolita Fashion too. Wore it a lot. Sold some dresses, bought new ones, sold them again, but it's part of life. Renewing is a good thing ^^  I wore lolita on 27 days, pretty good, hun?
This year I made my application form for graduate studies in "Styling and Fashion editorial" beginning on march and I am going to study hard to be good!

2013 expectations...

What I plan doing:
.Keep a diary: a hand writing diary- People say it's nice to keep it. Read on the future and have fun;
.Find a fix job- with all the happenings, I guess I should find a decent fix paid job to have money for the future;
.Save money/buy only the necessary (daily life and lolita related)- Try to focus on my lolita wishlist or buy what I really like and want. This is also valid to my daily stuffs;
.Find fashion courser to do- I am looking websites and searching nice courses to do on Fashion business/area;
.Back to english, japanese and/or french classes- I should restart. Study for the exams and go back to Japanese before I forget it all;
.Spend less time on computer- Already doing it, with the job shift, I barely turn it on! Only 2-3 times a week;
.Read the books I bought- Bought tons of books (english, french, fashion, non-fashion related), must read at least half of them;
.Local Lolitas- Meet the local lolitas, not only from my city but country lolitas too! I don't travel a lot around here, but I'll try!

I may add more itens in a few days...well, it's a list that will grow with time!

domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012

Lolita purchases, Doll addiction, Job and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Still alive!

 BTSSB/AatP started receiving reservations for "Empress Elizabeth". I like the print a lot and was in doubt if I should wait pics of the navy version or reserve it...decided to try the reservation and already emailed chibi_tenshi The black JSK II is already OUT, so does the Red JSK I :O
The black is gorgeous! But it will look very close to Grazia Crown...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My blue JSKs collection is getting bigger! "La danse de la dame", "Féerie" and I am waiting "Le monde de L'ange" in blue x black that I bought from octavekitten

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Few days ago I received some parcels for my dolls such as piece of clothes, wigs and an Obitsu body that I really liked and ordered another one for Olenka.
Manage to take a pic of both together with the Christmas decoration ^^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pullip Luna (Tokidoki Collaboration) was released on 19th in Japan. Some people are accepting Shopping Service till Dec. 24th. I am trying to get one <3

Job is going well. Found nice flats to go to work so my feet is happy!
This weekend will be tough though... Tomorrow my shift will be from 1pm to 10pm, sunday from 1pm to 9pm I guess (at least I am going to be paid for working on my day off) and monday I have no idea, only know that the mall closes at 6pm and that I must be there...
Boss told me that making 6 extra hours is equal to a day off. So I am gonna have 2 days to rest at home plus few extras hours to leave early on some days. I AM SO TIRED >_<

I think I won't be able to post before Christmas, but I hope you all have an excellent holiday, eat a lot and have fun! :D

domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012

I am alive!

Hi dears!
Yes...I am alive! Today I complete a week working at Maria Filó. I am enjoying it, I must say. I am having a nice experience and time ^^

Yesterday mom called when I was working to tell me I had got 3 parcels! YAY!
My Pullip Merl (aka Olenka) arrived! (with another small envelope with 1 blouse and 3 tights for dolls).
She is so cute I am totally in love!! *-*

Akilina and Olenka are twin sisters. I am still waiting a couple of blond and ginger wigs cause they aren't identical twins. Akilina will be ginger and Olenka blond ^^

The other parcel was my new book: Fashioning Japanese Subcultures. Seems pretty interesting since is a study from Kawamura, teacher at FIT, and wrote 3 other books about fashion related to sociology. I like this kind of book cause I like to study about sociology in fashion, trends, behave and streetstyle. I would love to do a course about it or a master's degree but impossible here :/

And for last...MY BEAUTIFUL FEET and HURTED FINGERS <o> Damn flats I had to wear for work....

Tomorrow I'll be resting all day!!! \o/
And today my shift will be a 7 hours instead of 6 -_-
I'll survive!

terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Hiatus + Loliday

So...I may be on a hiatus in December because I am working...

First day was saturday and my non working days are on sundays.

I may say the job is easy but stressfull...I need to go up and down all day, picking clothes and taking them back to the stock. Sometimes I need to help a client but I can't finish a purchase cause I am "store's assistant" and don't get commission for sold items, crap~
I also have to see what is missing on the store and find the pieces to make reposition. What else...clean the store sometimes, put things on right place, see if customers aren't stealing anything...basically this!

On sunday 23th, I must work...they are going to pay me extra for that but don't know how much. on 24th and 31st I'll have to work earlier cause shopping closes at 4pm/5pm. (my shift is 1pm/2pm till 7pm/8pm, depends). Meal ticket only on weekends and it's almost nothing (10 reais! WE CAN'T EAT NICELY WITH THIS VALUE!) Anyway...
I think I have discount on pieces, so it'll worth a bit more XD

One of the new sellers is a pain in the ass but a girl who operates the cashier and 3 others sellers are very nice to talk to. Also my boss isn;t the worst, at least she wasn't...let's see when Christmas approaches!

Now for the nice part: Saturday was Loliday but I only celebrated it on sunday with Jun and Thay. We went to Colombo at Forte de Copacabana. WAS SO DAMN HOT and I decided to wear black, nice one Ana...
Féerie was the chosen one cause it's new~ I am not satisfied with the coordinate and makeup. I am not feeling very happy with lolita these past few days. I sold my grimoire skirt (which I bought more on an impulse...) and waiting the second part of it and the second part from the Library dress. I may focus on my wishlist or print I desire the most...Now I have 6 lolita pieces (Bisque doll, grazia crown, amour d'amants, féerie, la danse de la dame and queen's coach) + boleros, shirts, accessories, bags and shoes.
I think with a small amount of main pieces we can make so many coordinates. I am trying to be careful with floral prints cause here we have "festa de são joão" and most of the dresses are with floral pattern.

AatP's new print is pretty! Unfortunately the JSK designs aren't my taste :/ IW's library dress, in that case I didn't fall in love with the print. New JetJ x Kera collab's too. The black OP is to die for! But OPs...are hard to be worn here. GAH~
I am looking for some IW's prints I missed on sale...and lighter colors for summer.

What I wore:

Jsk:Juliette et Justine
Bonnet and bag:Alice and the Pirates/BTSSB
Shoes and tights:Offbrand

Accessories:Chocomint, chinese websites, F21 and claire's

Thay and Jun

I'll survive!