quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012

Purchase and review post: Lolita pieces and accessories

These past days I received some parcels I would like to share with you :D

I went to "Saara", a place similar to chinatown, where you can find cheap things. 
I found this snake bracelet and two cross rings.

I ordered a Dear Celine blouse using Loli Loli paradise 's shopping service . The quality is pretty nice, the fabric has stripes what makes it more elegant. The buttons are lovely and the lace is nice too! I recommend :D Also her shopping service.

Next was the Grazia Crown from Innocent World. This is the black color, which is lovely too! Couldn't decide between blue or black (even bordeaux!) but this popped up first.
The waist bow is a brooch, the fabric is very nice and light, has back shirring and the print is beautiful!

Teja Jamilla tights on Etsy.
Her tights are hand made printed. I was reluctant to buy at first cause the price isn't the cheapest, but I thought was nice to try since her designs are amazing!

I picked the crown, coat of arms and fleur-de-lis print to match the IW dress.
The print is very well made, the tights are thick (which I think is better) and the size M fits perfectly.


Bisque Doll jsk in brown x cream from Innocent World. This print is lovely, lace is perfect, light and smooth fabric great for summer time. The belt can be removed too.

 I bought the dress from Pixie_late and she was very sweet to send me a small gift: a ring. I was very happy cause I used to have a similar one but lost it ;_;

And yesterday I received my parcel from wholesale site. Thanks to Karine, who wrote a review about the items she got, I decided to try. The things are really cheap but shipping is expensive D:
Karine, what I bought was basically the same as you! (Sorry! ;_; You have a really good taste!) 

Crown rings: The size is P, I guess, really small, but they fit one of my fingers!

Brooch: Skull brooch with rhinestones. Great size, not too big neither too small.

Bracelets: Both have a nice size.

Necklaces: I didn't notice that the cameo was green but I kinda liked it! Will match the Library dress ^^
All necklaces are beautiful and nice quality, some of the chains are slightly damaged but nothing that can be seen. The accessories were really cheap, I think the most expensive piece was the cross pendant necklace which costed 3 usd.


I am glad with my purchases :D 

domingo, 16 de setembro de 2012

Copacabana ocean on a sunny day

Yesterday I had lunch with Pix and her sister. We went to Forte de Copacabana. We are always going there, is a nice place with a great view and the ambiance is pretty nice too.

We had lunch at Colombo, as usual lol. I like their menu front and the "sousplat". The illustration is cute.

As soon we entered, a guy came asking if we were going to dance some kind of portuguese music...NO.

"Why are you wearing a costume?"
"Why are you girls dressed like this?"
"Are you going to do a dance presentation?"
"Is it going to have some kind of event here?"

NO, NO, NO and NO! We go out like this. Why people are so shocked and DO NOT want to believe we really wear this when we want to and that's not a play/dance/presentation or anything? And after all, WE are the weird ones, lol.

Anyway...We have to deal with these kind of people everytime we go out...lolita problems, right?
Well...Pix's sister took all the pics I am posting \o/ She's a nice photographer ;D
Behind us is Copacabana Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Rio and a sightseeing.

My petticoat was longer than the dress...Pix had to settle it all the time...

Creppy body~

Blouse:Dear Celine
Jsk:Juliette Et Justine
Bag:Innocent World
Shoes, belt, tights and beret:Offbrand

Flowers:Handmade by me
Necklaces:Claire's and chocomint
Mask brooch: Osklen
Bracelets:Chocomint, Juicy Couture and Disney
Rings:Offbrand, chocomint and gift from Pixie_late

I really like this pic. The back print is so beautiful. I don't see many pics like this, showing the back of the dresses.
I am waiting for my love to come on a super badass boat!

YAY \o/ Friends!!!!

And the last pic, the "Senhor do Bonfim" "bracelets". This is a typical thing from Bahia. Seems I am sniffing but it was supposed to be a mustache XD FAIL.

Thanks for looking and have a nice week! ^^~

segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012

Doll meeting

On sunday, we organized a small doll meeting on a garden nearby.
The day was so hot D: I wanted to be dressed in loli but no way with the heat (OK, I am wearing tights and long sleeved blouse, but was SO HOT >_<)

I didn't take much pics cause I forgot my camera, thanks Iphone for having a nice one.

There's Akilina, or Aki, posing.

And all the dolls ^^

As I said, not many pics~

I had fun! I think the girls too! Was a very nice day. Hope we can do this more often. 

domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

Historical Rio Guided Tour

Today some friends and I went to the Historical Rio Guided Tour. It was very nice :D

❤ Le baiser de l'ange ❤

Since last time I wore "le baiser de l'ange" was a epic fail, I tried again with different pieces to complement.

Blouse: Checklist
Jsk:Juliette et Justine
Tights:Urban Outfiters
Shoes:Innocent World

Necklace:Juicy Couture
Accessories: Claire's, chocomint and F21

Hat detail

Now to the tour! I am going to show you a few pictures (took a bunch! But it's heavy so...)
We started at the National Historical Museum and the exhibition celebrating it's 90 years!
Here are a few decoration itens as vase and tiles, from the XIX century and a card game set.


These are books and bibles for religious ceremonies and saint sculptures.

The first tour stop was the "Rua da misericórdia", there's a church and the old "Casa da misericórdia", which was a hospital. There was a small hill, called "Morro do Castelo" behind it and a street. Both were destroyed to be a landfill for Flamengo, Glória, Lapa and other districts.

Second stop, Tiradentes Palace. A beautiful architecture. Tiradentes was some kind of Hero of the people and was a prisioner there and killed by Maria I, the Mad.


Last stop was the "Paço Imperial". This building was constructed in two steps: the main floor and the second and third floor (you can see that the windows are different). Dom Pedro stayed there, while Maria I stayed at the convent crossing the street.

The last stop was a fountain. Thay spotted this sculpture on the top of a building LOL Kinda creppy but was funny! Is from the exhibition "Still being". I am curious to see it.

And after the tour, we came back to the museum for a few more pics.
This arch is so cool!!!


So, this was another lolita adventure! I enjoyed the tour and learned a lot! Our guide was nice and the group too.
Is sad to know we had so many historical places destroyed to give place to meaningless buildings :(

❤Thanks for reading! Have a nice week❤