terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2012

New arrivals~

The delivery system is being pretty gentil these past few days.
I received my Lovely Fashion shoes (they took basically 2 months to be here cause I ordered the super cheapest method...)

They are comfortable but a bit big for my feet~ Need to buy something to put inside.

And today I got my Grimoire of the moonlight forest Skirt and a pair of tights and socks with angels from Loli Loli Paradise

The print isn't bright as the stock pics, the fabric is cotton and the corset area is really structured (like Vampire Requiem's jsk and probably the corset skirt)

terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Purchases and daily outfits

This is gonna be a very useless post~

These past few days I received some parcels! YAY!

Frilly pink offbrand blouse
Purchased from Harlyharlekin.
Is a very beautiful blouse! 

Today I got my two HMHM taobao blouses.
They are well made. The only problem is the black button I didn't like much but I can fix this problem. Also they fit very well.

Bought two art books. Also ordered the third one (Baroque and rococo) cause it was sold out.

After waiting 2 months I received the Rilakkuma Iphone case! Super cute :3

Also would like to share my past outfits~ 
I am trying to take pics but since I don't have a full body mirror, I must go down and use the hall mirror lol with instagram effect~

July 13th

Hoodie:Christian Audigier
Bag: H&M
Pants: Levis

July 14th

Dress:Urban Outfiters
Boots:Dr. Martens

July 15th

Scarf and tights:H&M

July 16th

Forgot to take a mirror shoot, so here's the "dead body shoot". I love this bag <3

Dress:Betsey Johnson
Bag:Urban Expressions
Hat and rain boots: Charlotte Russe

July 17th

Dress:Maria Filó

domingo, 8 de julho de 2012

Tanabata Matsuri

Yesterday I went to Tanabata Matsuri, the stars festival.
The place was small but nice, long time I don't go there. I used to study japanese at this place and go to all festivals there. Has been a year since last time...

I decided to wear something casual since I knew it would be crowded.

I bought this bolero on sales, I wasn't going to take it...but mom told me to... I would regret so much if I didn't! Already wore it! haha Added blue dotted tights to match :D

Bolero:Maria Filó
Jsk:Juliette et Justine
Tights, hat and sandals: H&M

Accessories: F21, Vivienne Westwood, Claire's, H&M and Josefina Rosacor

The living room has a really BAD lightning now because the lamp broke, at night is worst...Tried to take pics somewhere else but still isn't good.

Of course they had the bamboo tree and wishes paper! I picked Love (pink) and Success (blue), wrote my wish and hung it on the tree with faith ^^

Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday ^^

sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012

Lolita Inspiration- Lolitas around the world

Hello dears!
First of all I want to thanks all the lovely girls who added me to their "Inspiration list". I am flattered! You are adorable! *virtual hugs for you*

It took a while to organize my list but here it is! All these girls are an inspiration for me. I think there are more, but they were the ones I could remember now.

I think more inspirational than pretty outfits, is her attitude that's admirable. Besides lolita, the boystyle outfits are great. And seems to be a very nice person ^^

I like how she mixes daily pieces with lolita, turning it rocker and daily. Also, all styles suit her! :D

She is a great classic lolita! I like how she does casual too, both giving her own style touch. Too bad she doesn't post very often on LJ (personal and daily_lolita) nor has a tumblr, but I try to follow her.

I think she is very cute. I like her clean, simple (but still pretty) outfits.

Jo and her classic and gothic outfits, with many details. She is always with a headpiece (I love headpieces!), the make up is very well done too, always matching the outfit. Besides all of this, she seems to be a nice person.

Not only the lolita outfits are an inspiration but the daily outfits too! She is always adding bright colors or pastel colors mixing with black, turning the outfit so cool. Also is a lovely girl!


What I like about Amanda (She is a brazilian lolita) are the casual outfits in a very elegant way, no wigs or elaborated hair and still looks great. And her wardrobe is amazing! So many beautiful prints.

Xylia's outfits are great! All styles suit her so well I can't believe! I specially LOVE her classic outfits, how she coordinate colors (deep blue with wine or light green, the red boots on the pic...) and they have a je ne sais quoi that I like, kinda vintage. 

She is my best friend and had to be here! I watched all her loli-pokemon-evolution lol Just love how she adds a different color to the whole outfit without making it look weird, like the bag on the pic. She wears sweet in a classic way, her make up is always very well done and the hair too.


Another great friend of mine that had to be here. She is a perfect sweet lolita. I like how she wears it cause isn't OTT, it's cute, discret, pretty and still elegant.

Octavekitten's outfits always have her personal touch, she always wears a belt with the dresses, boots or sandals.  And her tattoos with lolita are so cool!

Herajika's classic outfits are just fabulous! I love the vintage, I love the details and color mix. She is always an inspiration.


Nekocybie is a french lolita I talk to. She is lovely and wears lolita everyday to go to work.

Julie's outfits are great too! I love the way she wears printed dress with printed tights and always matching! Also she cares about accessories, matching them.

Almost forgot her D: She is a livejournal user too. I like her lolita style a lot, simplicity and elegance.

** I think you all spotted some words: elegance/elegant, simple/simplicity, mix/coordinate, vintage/own style, these are my inspiration words**

Thanks for looking
Have a nice weekend \o/

domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

♥ June 30th ♥

Saturday we had a mini-meeting to celebrate Thay's and my birthday. We went to Confeitaria Colombo, a very famous tea house.

I wore a last minute un-planned outfit. The idea was to wear the Vampire Requiem with the light pink blouse you saw before, but was hot D: I had to change the outfit...

Op and bag:Baby, the stars shine bright
Bonnet:Alice and the Pirates
Flowers:Hand made by me

Cameo bracelet:Ebay
Flower bracelet (and chocker):Claire's
Flower bracelet:Accessorize
Pearl bracelet and cameo ring:F21
Heart ring:Guess?

I tried a blue make-up with blue eyeliner

The place is so beautiful! 2 floors: the one we stayed that was called "snack" and the upper level called "lunch". The upper level had a menu for 65,00 reais, kinda buffet. We stayed for "snack" that is much cheaper and have more options as salads and sandwiches. 

This time Livia joined us, she take AMAZING pics~ She was our free photographer lol I am going to spam you guys with her pics~ sorry!!

Pix, me and Jun

My face... I am not snob! XD
 Call me bitch loli lol

I ate a brie cheese with apricot jam crepe and salad. I am addicted to this too. Is so good!!!

Since mom told me "EAT DESERT!", I obeyed her.
Guava tarteletti with vanilla ice-cream, chantilly and MOAR GUAVA with cheese! *-*


After eating and chatting, pictures time!
Me and Pix doing silly things with Thay. Adorable :3
Thay and Pix were adorably dressed!

Group picture, cause it's mandatory~
Jun, Fabi, Pix, me and Thay

I couldn't choose the one I like the most...so pic spam!


Thank you all for looking and for commenting ^^
Wish you all a great week!