quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2012


Hoje fui as compras com a Pix .
Eu comprei essas duas caixas LINDA DIVINAS <3

A de cima é uma caixa não muito grande, com um adamascado flocado, em dourado x preto.
A segunda é uma mega caixa com estampa de mapa antigo.

Detalhes da lateral e tampa


E detalhes do flocado, da caixa menor.

Adorei minhas caixas <3

quinta-feira, 24 de maio de 2012

Crafts and others

Yesterday  I ran a few errands at downtown market, like cheap jewelry and flowers for craft. I wish I had more time to walk around and buy fabric + others but dog was alone at home and I had to come back to feed her.

To the purchases!

Nice fake pearl necklaces. I wanted the dark green too but was out of stock~

This is a nice big bag I found last time but I hadn't money and the store only accepted cash, ugh~ So I grabbed it this time. I like cause it goes with classic lolita and I can customize with flower clips.

And the fake flowers to make headpieces

This is my organization: making groups such as flower heads, leaves and others

And today I made 2 flower crowns

And how the bag looks like now with the clips, that can be changed.

Bonus pic: On the hat :D

quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

Vintage carved bag in brown Review

This month I bought a vintage carved bag from ebay. They had 3 colors: white (sold out), black and brown. Since I was in need for a brown bag, I gave a try.
It wasn't expensive at all (I guess 19 usd+ shipping).
On the front, it has this beautiful drawings. You may see the "scratch" it has. Unfortunately was a handle and care dammage~ Thank you post office for destroying the box.

When I bought it, I didn't realized it was a Anna Sui replica lol.
I like how the bag closes. It's a nice detail.

Also it comes with a long shoulder strap that can be chained in two different parts of the bag.

The bag is solid color, no details.

I like the bag, quality isn't SUPER GREAT but is pretty, can carry a lot of stuff and isn't heavy.

domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

VII Rio Harp Festival

Yesterday I went to the VII Rio Harp Festival at Forte de Copacabana.
At first we were going to attend only the 6pm concert but we finished eating earlier and managed to see the other harpist too.

Before going inside, we went to Colombo, we sat next to the sea <3 The view is amazing, but I didn't take pics cause the weather wasn't very good.
I ate a arabian bread sandwich with cheese, ham, lettuce and tomato.

Then we went inside the crowded room, we listened to 7 songs from the Chilean Harpist. She played Elvis, Michael Jackson, Beatles, Lambada and a typical one from her country. While playing "Hey jude", everybody started singing, was cool.

 Next was a group of friends who played metal songs on classic instruments, was very interesting. I don't know metal songs but I enjoyed.

What I wore:

Skirt and socks:Innocent World
Bag:Bought at some Paris small shop

All rings: F21
Heart Bracelet:Juicy Couture
Flower Bracelet: Claire's

I had fun!
One sir asked me if I was working there, I said no, he apologized and explained that in Boston they have a museum that the staff work in costume.
Something interesting about lolita is that, sometimes, people that you don't even know stop you to compliment. It's cute.

sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012

Classic roses

Yesterday Pix took me to a new café near her house. It's called "As", like the card symbol.
The place is very nice! Good food and price, the decoration is related to card game and it's symbols, like the joker, spaces, diamonds… Very cool!



I ate a turkey wrap with lemon sauce and for desert a Dulce de leite flute, it was light! haha


What I wore:

Bolero:Alice and the Pirates
Jsk:Mary Magdalene
Bag:Louis Vuitton (Thanks mom ♥)
Shoes:BTSSB Replica

All accessories from F21

Before leaving home pics:

After eating, we went to the bookshop to give a look. Everybody was staring at us, asking if it was a dance or something. The seller came talk to us, told we look cute and told us "You are like the girls from that book", he was talking about the Taschen book "Gothic & lolita", from Aoki. He also said he wanted to go work dressed in a punish or gothic-ish outfit. He was nice, and cute lol

Then we went to Pix's house watch a movie, about Tolstoy's life, "The last station", was very nice!

Amused lolitas! Best pic ever XD

And we took some more pics. Pix was wearing her new Innocent World dress. I love this print, she looks so cute! She should do more classic look :D

That's all! Thank you Pix for the evening. I love it :3
Lolita Fashion makes me feel so good! I love getting dressed, I love going out with my friends. Thanks you~