terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

Macaron Day!

A few days ago, Pix told me today was the Macaron Day! Well, why don't we celebrate it in a casual loli, eat macarons at the best place here and walk around?
DONE! \o/

We went to Paradis Délices Français, again! 

Cachaça flavored macaron and Chandon falvor! I eat the chandon, was delicious!!!!

We also ate the blueberry and hazel for Pix, almond and coconut for me :D

What I wore:

Belt-Via mia
Skirt-Innocent World
Bag-Urban Outfiters

Mirror necklace-Claire's
Horse necklace-handmade
Bows bracelet and bangle-Claire's
silver bow ring-Guess
Watch-Juicy couture
Bow ring-Chocomint
Wristcuffs-H&M (actually they are for the hair...)

My socks details :3 cute bow!

With Pix!

After that, we went to Shopping Leblon and I bought this book with awesome illustrations

So, Happy Macaron Day everyone!

domingo, 18 de março de 2012

Vampire Requiem

This was my last purchase.
The Vampire Requiem jsk in cream I picked at NY
A pair of Innocent World socks from Tokyo Rebel
Mini top hat with tulle, feathers and pearls from a cute store at Pier 17, in NY

domingo, 11 de março de 2012

Elegant Gothic for CCBB expos

Today I went to the Campana Brother's and Tarsila do Amaral exhibitions at CCBB, with Thay and Jun.
Both were really nice. Unfortunately no pics allowed. I saw the famous animal plush chair made by the Campana Brothers, you want to sit there! FLUFFY!
Tarsila's one was small, but you could see most of her art. The "abaporu" wasn't there ;___; because it's at Argentine...buuuu :P
We met a crazy lady that is art history and fashion teacher, and BJD collector o_o She was nice! She want us to do a performance at the university she give classes XD

What I wore

Jsk:Alice and the Pirates
Bag:Vivienne Westwood


Bow bracelet:H&M
Gold heart bracelet:Juicy Couture
White and gold studs:Charlotte Russe
Flower bracelet:Claire's
Flower and studs rings:Claire's
Skulls ring:Alexander McQueen


Makeup...or I tried to. The light wasn't helping and instagram made it look brighter lol

sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

Japan's earthquake exhibition

I was invited for this exhibition opening. It's about the "one year anniversary" of the earthquake we all know about.

We arrived a bit late because traffic was terrible, but just in time to soo the opening with the Taiko group!
Was the best performance I have seen this far from this group! My heart was following the beat, was just WOW.
The exhibition was so important that even the main TV channel was there to do a live about what was going on. My mom called me "I am watching it! Go show yourself! Go behind the reporter I wanna see you" lol


This coach was amazing! Is from the permanent museum part. BTW the museum is called National Historic Museum. We met the curator and the costume curator of the museum, they loved us :D

And Pix! She was lovely in mint x pink! The colors really suit her :D I love her in sweet, and classic! ^^

Was nice to see the japaneses telling us "Kawaii!", "oh! Roriita!!" and taking a lot of pictures with us o_o This time they were very nice because there were much more japaneses than the other exhibition I have been (the Ikebana one), where people were like "WTH is it? Costume?".

What I wore:

Jsk:Alice and the Pirates
Tights:bought in Paris
Bag:Steve Madden

Flower bracelet:Caire's
Heart bracelet:Juicy Couture
Crown bracelet:Chocomint
Cream flower and bow ring:Claire's
Black flower ring:Accessorize
Bow bracelet:Claire's

First time wearing a two color wig and I must say I enjoyed it!


Sol-chan! Isn't she cute??? :3

♥ Thanks for reading ♥
♥ Have a nice weekend! ♥

quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

Having fun with instagram

Since I bought the Iphone4S I am having fun with instagram

here's my page:http://www.instame.com.br/anapadilha


While I was in NYC...