segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

Ikebana exhibition

2 weeks ago I went to a Ikebana exhibition, of course I wore lolita and a floral dress to match the theme :D

Dress-Mary Magdalene
Socks-Juicy Couture
Bag-Louis Vuitton
Fake fur-H&M

Yes, I wore the "cursed dress". I am glad I have it, is really beautiful. Worth the price.


My accessories, basically F21 and Claire's

The Ikebanas were amazing! And big :O I imagined them small, normal flower pot size. 


Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it. I am not going to do anything :/

quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011


I admit I am not a make-up shopper when I am in my city (usually I only spend money with clothes, make-up and accessories when I travel o_o), but I was in need of a dark/metalic blue eyeshadow.
I went to Contém1g, a famous make-up store here (ops, I forgot about MAC store :O). They had the single eyeshadow, the exactly color I wanted, but they also had the case with 4.

Dark blue, gold (looks like white :/ damn light), black and silver

May try them tomorrow :3

terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Gothic for Museum of modern art

On sunday I went to the "giant spider" exhibition today with Akito and Jun. The exhibition was crazy...because wasn't about the spider at all, a lot of WTF sculptures...didn't like much :/ but we had fun mocking everything around! Modern art isn't for all! But the spider sculpture was cool.
To the pics!!!

Op-Moi même moitié
Cardigan-Romeo et juliette couture
Bag and headpiece-Alice and the pirates
Headbow with flower-H&M
Tights-from ebay

The accessories:

Skull rings-Alexander McQueen
Fleur de lis ring-Guess
Cross necklace-Claire's
Ring with stones-Offbrand
Chocker-From my mom

My pretty ladies :3

The giant "Maman"

I had fun! I missed Kiki a lot <3 was great seeing you again, my dear!

Next post I'll write the Lolita Challenge days I missed >_<

quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

Municipal Theater

Yesterday I went to the municipal theater for a guided visit with two friends. I have been there only once, before the restauration. It's amazing there!! I can't wait to go again, this time for a Ballet or an Opéra.

Skirt-Innocent World
Bag and shoes-Baby

The Theater:

The paintings around the stage

The huge chandelier


The main entrance with the marble stairs


Some paintings


The beautiful stained glasses


After the visit  we went to Colombo for the afternoon tea.

terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Fine arts museum

Today Thay, Jun and I went to the fine arts museum to see the "new" gallery about brazilian art from the XVII to XIX century (unfortunately no pictures allowed ;_;).  For our surprise, there was a Rio, the movie, exhibition! 

I wore the first coordinate from last post. Thanks weather!
The pic is funny , hahah Blu and Raphael behind me.

Jsk-Innocent World
Bag and shoes-Baby

And the accessories:

Animal rings-H&M
Blue flower necklaces-Claire's

I hat to take this pic! This is so loli XD

Me, Blu and Thay lol. Seems that blu is almost huging Thay's waist

Since is sunday, downtown is desert and the good restaurants are closed, we had to go to a bar to have a snack, a not loli snack at all XD
We had fun :D 
A guy called us, I guess, by shouting "SNOW WHITE!!!", and the taxi guy was like "oh hey! where's the wedding? Ah, no wedding? So where's the party? No party? o_O Ahh, so you girls work at the Municipal Theater??" lol

Jun and I in front of the Municipal Theater

Thanks for looking :D